10:00 Art School Stevan Mokranjac
Seminar: Conductor’s Pilgrimage
Miloje Nikolić, PhD, conductor
Tamara Adamov Petijević, MA, conductor


11:00  Town Square
Concert: Classical music at 11
Students of the Small School of Opera d’Iva
Lecturer: Iva Mrvoš Anokić, mezzo-soprano


12:00 Foyer of the Cultural Centre
Promotion of the book: Sanctuaries and aspirations
Author: Novo Tomić
Edition: Laguna, 2016

Novo Tomić (1947), journalist, professor, writer and publisher. He completed his studies of Yugoslav and World literature in Belgrade, and his master studies in Belgrade and Grenoble (France). Most of his career, he has been working as a journalist and editor of the cultural section of Večernje novosti newspaper. For seven years (1978-1981 and 1985-1989), he was teaching Serbian language at the University of Grenoble III in France.
He has produced several books, and his articles, essays and travel books are occasionally published in the literary periodicals. He has 58 catalogue units in The Catalogue of the National Library of Serbia so far.

Sanctuaries and aspirations is a book about the places of worship where the Serbs go with hope that some higher power will help them in trouble. Beliefs in sacred musts, icons and springs are described, and monasteries are also shown as places for prayer, and not only as monuments of culture and art. Serbia and all neighbouring countries, especially those of the former Yugoslav republics, were also included.



14:00 Art School Stevan Mokranjac
Master solo singing course Zoran Todorovic
Milica Ilić, accompanist


18:00 Art School Stevan Mokranjac
Final concert of participants of the Master solo singing course Zoran Todorovic


20:00 Church of the Holy Trinity
Concert: Works of spiritual music
The Chоir of Radio Television of Serbia
Conductor: Bojan Sudjić

The Chоir of Radio Television of Serbia started its work in 1939 as a chamber ensemble with 18 singers led by Milan Bajsanski, regularly performing at public concerts and for the needs of the radio program. During more than seven decades of existence, the choir is, along with other musical productions of radio and television, an important pillar of its musical activity. The choir develops a rich and diverse concert activity and its creative work, performances in Belgrade, throughout Serbia and abroad, significantly contributes to the quality of musical life, especially fostering Serbian musical heritage. The ensemble, along with significant guest conductor names, was led by Svetolik Pašćan, Borivoje Simić, Mladen Jagušt and Vladimir Kranjčević as chief conductor. Since 2005, the artistic director and chief conductor of the ensemble is Bojan Sudjić, who began his career in 1985 with the RTS Choir.
The choir has performed at all major festivals in Yugoslavia and Serbia, and has also performed successful tours in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Montenegro and Croatia.
In addition to archiving concert recordings, whose programs are mostly intended to be conceive, the choir has also made a large number of studio recordings, mostly the compositions of domestic authors (Yugoslav and Serbian) and contemporary music, and with domestic soloists. During its work, the program objectives were not significantly changed: the quality (mostly premier) performance and recording of the pieces of domestic music (historical and contemporary), the premier introduction of those achievements of the world’s artistic heritage that were not previously represented in the concert podiums in Serbia, as well as the performance of monumental vocal -instrumental works, most often in cooperation with the RTS Symphony Orchestra, but also with other renowned symphonic ensembles in the country and the region.
The RTS Choir is the winner of the most important domestic awards, as well as awards at many world choral competitions.

Leading conductor in Serbian music, Bojan Sudjić is the chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra and Choir RTS and the executive and artistic director of Music Production of RTS. He also works as a full professor and head of the department of conducting at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Since the very beginning, his work and repertoire have featured an extraordinary breadth and diversity of choral, symphonic, and stage music, remarkable achievements in all of these domains, and numerous awards – ranging from First Prize at the 1989 Yugoslav Young Artists’ Competition in Zagreb to significant professional awards on the domestic music scene: the prize of the International Composers’ Forum, the annual prize of the Association of Musical Artists, The City of Belgrade Prize, the Golden Armlet the annual prize of the Musica classica journal, and others. He performs regularly in Serbia and abroad. Since 1992, he has been a permanent conductor with the RTS Choir and Symphonic Orchestra, with whom he has performed a large number of works from the international heritage of choral, symphonic, and vocal-instrumental music. Most of these concerts have been recorded for radio and TV, constituting the basis of Sudjić’s extensive discography. Since 1989, he has been engaged in intense collaboration with the Belgrade Philharmonic. In 1993, he turned to conducting in opera, becoming a leading conductor at the National Theatre Opera in Belgrade, and its chief conductor during the season of 1999-2000. He was general music director of the Opera during the season of 2004-2005. In 1998, he was engaged as a visiting conductor at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, becoming a conductor in residence there in 2000. With their ensemble, he realised over 150 opera and ballet productions. He has also pursued a fruitful collaboration with the ensemble of the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki. As a visiting conductor, he has performed with over 40 orchestras in the region and abroad, including the Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia, Zagreb and Rijeka Philharmonic Orchestra, Macedonian Philharmonic, Radio Orchestra of Sofia and Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, the Rome Symphony Orchestra, Corinthian Symphony Orchestra of Klagenfurt, the Novosibirsk Philharmonic, the Moscow chamber Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra Chapel from St. Petersburg, Helsinki Philharmonic, the Symphony Orchestra of Westeros and Symphony orchestra from Umea (Sweden), the Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre (Brazil), and the Chilean Symphony Orchestra of Santiago de Chile. Since 2010, he has been working closely with the OFUNAM Orchestra of Mexico City.
He has been leading the Symphony Orchestra of the Faculty of Music as a professor since 2005. Under his guidance, students of the Faculty of Music performed with great success, performing a series of complex sheet (symphonies by Mahler, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Sibelius, Mozart; compositions of Mussorgsky, and Rimsky Korsakov, Requiems by Berlioz and Mozart). Performing with various ensembles, he carries out the mission of presenting new works by local authors and lesser-known or rarely performed works from the world of complex historical heritage.