VI Garland

VI GarlandThe same year as the Fifth, Mokranjac wrote the Sixth Garland (1892) dedicated to songs about the legen­dary hero of the First Serbian Uprising, Hajduk-Veljko, whose deeds and death are associated with Mokranjac’s homeland – Krajina and Negotin. It was first performed for the unveiling of a memorial to the hero in Negotin on July 13,1892. The impressive opening song, Mula-Pasha Pens Letter, rather like an epic ballad, is entrusted to a tenor soloist with the chorus repeating his words (in the male chorus version this song is further developed). Fol­lowing as a contrast is a gentle, lyric love scene, An Almond Tree Has Grown, one of the loveliest slow move­ments in the Garland cycle. After two brief episodes the final song, Ailing Lies, the Kara Mustafa, in a full-bodied choral movement ends like a hymn to the hero of Krajina.

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