XIII Garland

XIII GarlandFor the Thirteenth Garland (1907, first performed on January 13, 1908) Mokranjac returned to the country of his birth. Seeking a definitive form, he worked out two versions, differing in initial tonality (B flat-minor and A-minor), range and details of treatment and tonal rela lions. The distribution of tempos (two slow songs alter­nating with two fast ones) suggests a Baroque sonata. The somber mood of the first song, A Maid Returns Her Sweetheart’s Ring, which abounds in expressive harmonic devices and polyphonic details, cedes to the bright rhythms of the second, Oh, Lovely Young Lass,while the broad cantilena of the third song, Nightingale, contrasts nicely with the last song, Creak, Creak, A New Cart, with its clever onomatopeic effects.

XIII Garland   Verses