Program of the 43th Festival

43th Festival,  11 – 16. september  2008.

Thursday, september 11th

Afore Festival evening

20:00 Culture centre
– Choir AKUD “Lola” – Belgrade, conductor Bojana Drljević

Friday, september 12th

17:00 The house of Mokranjac
-The grand opening of 43rd Days of Mokranjac
-The welcoming word by the president of the municipality of Negotin, Mrs. Radmila Gerov
-Oration: Ivan Tasovac, pianist
-The festival is opened by a representative of the Serbian Ministry of culture
-The joined performance of choirs participating in the out singing competition-
The VI “rukovet“ (VI Garland) of Stevan Mokranjac

19:00 Culture centre
-The out singing of choirs
*Obligatory composition – The XI “rukovet“ (XI Garland) of Stevan Mokranjac

1. Choir “Cantemus” – Slovenia, conductor Marjeta Naglič
2. Choir “Rondo Histriae” – Croatia, conductor Vinka Burić
3. Choir “Kočo Racin” – FYR Macedonia, conductor Žaneta Divjakoska Doneva
4. Choir “Iuventus cantat” – Serbia, conductor Minta Aleksinački

Saturday, september 13th

9:00 Excursion to village Mokranje

10:00 Church of The Holy Trinity – Mokranje
– Concert : Byzantine choir “Rorschach” – Switzerland, conductor Heinz Meyer

11:00 The village of Mokranje
– ethnic house Jovanović, ethnic reflections

13:00 The village of Mokranje
– concert:
KUD “Stevan Mokranjac” – Negotin and Folk Ensamble from Mokranje

19:00 The gallery of the Culture centre
– Exhibition: –” Paris in Negotin”

20:00 Culture centre
evening of Konstantin Babić
– The concert of Niš symphony orchestra, conductor Le Fi Fi

22:00 Church of The Holy Trinity
– The First Belgrade Singers Association, conductor Svetlana Vilić

Sunday, september 14th

12:00 Culture centre plateau
– The uncovering of the memorial bust of Stevan St. Mokranjac,
achievement of Svetlana Šanta, sculptor

*The First Belgrade Singers’ Association, conductor Svetlana Vilić

– symposium “The challenges and problems of Mokranjac garlands analysis “
teaching: Miloje Nikolić, music theorist and conductor

20:00 Culture centre
– Concert: Tribute to Mokranjac
Choir and Folk orchestra RTS, conductor Milan Nedeljković

22:00 Church of The Holy Trinity
-Serbian choir from Germany (Frankfurt), conductor Stojna Babić

Monday, september 15th

18:00 The palace of the Duke Todorče
– ECHO MUSIC exhibition – Vratna art colony

19:00 Culture centre
– Terazije theatre, musical
“Maratonci trče počasni krug”

22:00 City place, plateau
- Concert of the last year winners of the choir competition

* Choir “Liceum” – Kragujevac, conductor M. Nikolić

Tuesday, september 16th

12:00 Music school “Stevan Mokranjac” – Negotin
– Collective concert of music schools “Stevan Mokranjac” from Serbia

19:00 Culture centre
– Concert:
RTS Symphony Orchestra, conductor Bojan Suđić
“The legend of Ohrid”, Stevan Hristić

21:00 Culture centre – The festival closing ceremony
“The Apte Folk Dance Ensamble”
– folk ensamble from Hungary (Ajka)

Gallery 2008 (see more…)

Gallery 2008 (see more…)