11:00 Town Square
Concert: Classical music at 11
Belgrade Faculty of Music’s Students

50-M.dani--fmuFaculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade is marking 79 years since its establishment in 2016. As the oldest higher education institution in the field of music pedagogy, is credited with laying the foundations of overall development of the system of musical education in Serbia. Today, with 1,044 students and nearly 200 teachers it is the largest in the region and their programs of study cover all specialties in the field of music.
Studies are oriented towards training of professional musicians-performers and music educators, but also include the composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, combining the fields of art and social humanistic science. Teaching at undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Music is organized into sixteen study programs: Composition, Conducting, Solo Singing, Piano, String instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass), Wind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn , trumpet, trombone and tuba), musicology, music pedagogy, music theory, ethnomusicology, five study programs within Poly-instrumental section (harpsichord, harp, organ, guitar, percussion), and Jazz and popular music. The course consists of 26 study programs and it is organized at all levels of study: undergraduate, graduate and doctorate in the fields of arts and social sciences and humanities, and in the fields of music and performing arts, and the science of art. The most prominent Serbian artists are among the teachers. Their best students will present the program of The Days of Mokranjac – Classical music at 11. Joining the European practice of holding concerts in the open, they will present their skills, talent and irreplaceable energy of youth. We invite you to confirm the power of music to which they devoted their lives and visit their concerts in the central square in Negotin.


12:00 Birth house of Mokranjac
Book Presentation: The museum legacy of Stevan Mokranjac (letters and postcards)
Author: Ivica Trajkovic
Krajina Museum Negotin

50-Мдани-музеј-КрајинаThe museum legacy of Stevan Mokranjac (letters and postcards) edition of the Museum of Krajina, by senior curator documentary Ivica Trajkovic.
In the introductory part of the book a brief history of the Negotin Museum is given, followed by a biography of the famous composer, as well as the text about  his birth house.
Collection of Stevan Mokranjac is described in detail. It describes his sojourn in Karlovy Vary, gives the texts of letters that he wrote to his wife Marija – Mica Mokranjac, which are part of the collection, and which are kept in the museum. The diary of Marija is also shown, the precious document which was written many years after the death of Mokranjac.
All the postcards from the collection of composer are stock listed and the choice of postcard from the rich collection is presented. They are written from many places, mainly from the cities of Western and Central Europe (Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague, Budapest …) and South Slavic area. These cards are important documents in the study of private life of Mokranjac.
The book is bilingual, in Serbian and English, and contains a lot of illustrations.


20:00 Cultural Centre
RTS Symphonic Orchestra and Choir  
Conductor: Bojan Sudjic

51-Мдани-РТСThe ensembles of the Musical Production of the Radio-television of Serbia – its Symphonic Orchestra (1937) and Choir (1938) constitute a pillar of the musical activities of radio and television in Serbia. Also, they have well-developed concert activities and their carefully conceived and engaged work, performances in Belgrade, throughout Serbia, and abroad have contributed to the quality of musical life, cherishing Serbian musical heritage in particular. Alongside major established visiting conductors, the ensembles have been led, in the capacity of chief conductor, by some of the most prominent artists in music: Mihajlo Vukdragović, Milan Bajšanski, Stevan Hristić, Krešimir Baranović, Borivoje Simić, Mladen Jagušt, Vančo Čavdarski, Vladimir Kranjčević, Milen Načev, and David Porcelijn. Since 2005 Bojan Suđić has been the artistic director and chief conductor of both ensembles. The ensembles have performed at every major festival in Yugoslavia and Serbia, and toured, with much success, England, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Russia, Romania, Morocco, Montenegro, and Croatia.
In addition to producing archive recordings of their concert performances, whose programmes are usually conceived with that purpose in mind, the orchestra has produced a large number of studio recordings, most of which feature works by domestic authors (Yugoslav and Serbian) and pieces of contemporary music with domestic soloists. Over the years, the programming objectives of their work have not significantly changed: quality (usually première) performances and recordings of domestic music (both historical and contemporary), première performances of those works from the international musical heritage that are underrepresented on the Serbian concert stage, especially monumental vocal-instrumental, symphonic, and a cappella works. This trajectory of achieving the highest professional standards in performance and the realisation of inspired original creations has incorporated projects realised over the past ten years under the artistic leadership of maestro Bojan Suđić. In addition to establishing concert seasons and frequent performances of capital works from the musical heritage of the world, the ensembles have retained their focus on interpreting and recording works by Serbian composers, such as Vasilije Mokranjac, Ljubica Marić, Konstantin Babić, Vladan Radovanović, Rajko Maksimović, Dejan Despić, Vlastimir Trajković, Milan Mihajlović, Ivan Jevtić, Zoran Erić, Jugoslav Bošnjak, Rastislav Kambasković, Vera Milanković, Svetislav Božić, Isidora Žebeljan, Ivan Brkljačić, Aleksandar Simić, Aleksandar Sedlar, Zoran Mulić, and many others, as well as Serbian music classics, such as Kornelije Stanković, Stevan Mokranjac, to whom the ensembles paid special attention on the occasion of the centenary of his death in 2014, Petar Konjović, Stevan Hristić, Marko Tajčević, and others. RTS Symphonic orchestra and Choir are winners of the most significant domestic awards.

51-M.дани_Диригент-Бојан-СуђићBojan Suđić is chief conductor of the RTS Symphonic Orchestra and Choir and executive and artistic director of the Musical Production of the RTS. He is a full professor and head of the conducting department at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade. Since the very beginning, his work and repertoire have featured an extraordinary breadth and diversity of choral, symphonic, and stage music, remarkable achievements in all of these domains, and numerous awards – ranging from First Prize at the 1989 Yugoslav Young Artists’ Competition in Zagreb to significant professional awards on the domestic music scene: the prize of the International Composers’ Forum, the annual prize of the Association of Musical Artists, The City of Belgrade Prize, the Golden Armlet [беочуг], the annual prize of the Musica classica journal, and others. Since 1992, he has been a permanent conductor with the RTS Choir and Symphonic Orchestra, with which he has performed a large number of works from the international heritage of choral, symphonic, and vocal-instrumental music. Since 1989, he has been engaged in intense collaboration with the Belgrade Philharmonic. In 1993, he turned to conducting in opera, becoming a leading conductor at the National Theatre Opera in Belgrade, and its chief conductor during the season of 1999-2000. He was general music director of the Opera during the season of 2004-2005. In 1998, he was engaged as a visiting conductor at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, becoming a conductor in residence there in 2000. With their ensemble, he realised over 150 opera and ballet productions. He has also pursued a fruitful collaboration with the ensemble of the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki as well as with over 40 orchestras in the region and abroad (the Helsinki and Novosibirsk Philharmonic, Turku Philharmonic, and UNAM Philharmonic).

Evgenija Jeremic, soprano (Kragujevac, 1991) completed her studies of solo singing at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of Violeta Pančetović-Radakovic, where she is currently on her master studies. She is a laureate of many national and international competitions, among which three first prizes at the International Competition are for young opera singers Elena Nikolai in Bulgaria in 2014, the first prize at the Jeunesses Musicales Competition in Belgrade in 2013, and others. She was a member of the Opera Studio of the National Theatre in Belgrade, where she performed in the opera Suor Angelica. Within the Faculty of Music Opera Studio she performed in the roles of Stanka in the opera by Stanislav Binički  At Dawn in 2014 and Rosalind in the operetta Die Fledermaus in 2015. She has received awards from the funds of Danica Mastilović and Biserka Cvejic. In December 2015, she was acknowledged as the best student in her generation at the Faculty of Music. She has performed at numerous concerts and recitals in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis, Zrenjanin and Krusevac, as well as with orchestras of Faculty of Music, Nis Philharmonic Orchestra and the Youth Philharmonic Borislav Pascan. In 2015, her solo engagements in the works of Poulenc and Beethoven with the RTS choir and orchestra in Belgrade and in the Days of Mokranjac festival stand out. This spring, she had a debut in the role of Suor Angelica in the National Opera in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

21:00 -The Closing Ceremony of the Festival

21:00 Cultural Centre
The Closing Ceremony of the Festival
Presentation of The 51st Days of Mokranjac awards
Closing speech: Sonja Marinkovic, PhD, selector
Closing of the Festival: Jovan Milovaovic, Negotin Municipality Mayor