52nd Festival “Days of Mokranjac”- 2017

Regarding the sustainability and the importance of the festival “Days of Mokranjac” its program concept preserves the ideological backbone of the event, which main mission is to promote creativity of the most important Serbian composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac, and contributing to the affirmation of his and Serbian musical composition and performance in general, with an emphasis on fostering choral tradition. The festival will also nurture the openness towards the other areas of artistic expression and encourage traditional events related to art, literature and theatre scene, which contributes to its program attractiveness.
Programme concept of the festival would maintain the vital elements: choir singing competition, concert of the choir – competition winner, guest performances of the (music) theatre (musical, ballet and other genres), a chamber and a symphony concert (with compulsory performance of Serbian composers’ work), guest performance of a renowned choral ensemble, and artists and ensembles from abroad, folklore group performance, classics at 11. Within supporting programs it would have an artistic, literary and scientific debate (dedicated to creativity of Mokranjac).
Festival takes special care of the audience. It is twofold: in relation to the public of the host town and to the festival guests…
Although the Festival is realized by the Cultural Centre “Stevan Mokranjac”, it unifies capacity and programs of other cultural institutions in Negotin – above all, the Museum of Krajina and Mokranjac Memorial house, and tourism entities.
This year, the new period of the festival is planned. It will start on the first Saturday after the traditional Negotin fair.
Two days of the Festival are dedicated to the choir singing competition. The obligatory composition is one composed by Mokranjac by free choice of participants.

Selector of the 52nd “Days of Mokranjac”
Sonja Marinkovic, PhD, musicologist