The visual identity of the 57th Days of Mokranjac is the solution of Bojana Bojović Milošević, an artist from Belgrade, who has been working in the field of graphic design, photography and digital art since 2001. In the explanation of the visual solution of the upcoming Festival, the author states that “the design solution of the 57th Days of Mokranjac is a combination of modern and traditional, it also emphasizes the cheerfulness, richness and complexity of Mokranjac’s oeuvre. The modular principle was used in the design, which builds form through repetitions and variations of one element (a triangle), just as the harmonious form of a musical piece is built by fitting triads. The names of the compositions written in the image in combination with the stylized pattern in the background, visually associate that all the works from the oeuvre of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac put together in a complex puzzle build a spiritual portrait of his personality.” Bojana Bojović Milošević graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in the department for Applied Graphics, Department of Photography. She obtained her Master’s degree in 2010 at the Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Arts in Belgrade, in the department of Digital Art. She is currently a student of Doctoral Art Studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

She began her professional work after completing her basic studies at the School of Design in Belgrade, after which she moved into the advertising sphere within the marketing agencies BCA Mozaik and NewOne advertising, where she collaborated with numerous domestic and foreign clients as a graphic designer and art director. Since 2017, she has been employed as a teacher at the College of Fine and Applied Arts, today the Belgrade Academy of Business and Artistic Vocational Studies, at the Department of Art and Design as a professor of vocational studies. As part of her artistic career, she exhibited at numerous festivals, group exhibitions in the country and abroad, as well as at several solo exhibitions. She has been a member of ULUPUDS since 2008.

Bojana Bojović Milošević, the author of the visual identity of the 57th Days of Mokranjac, was a participant in the Art Colony “Echo of Music” in 2021, when the organizer, Cultural Centre “Stevan Mokranjac”, made a significant step forward from traditional forms of creativity into the domain of multimedia and digital art.