III Garland

III Garland Though similar in content (nine songs) and variety to the First, the Third Garland (1888, first performed on January 16,1890) gives the impression of a whole because of the way the songs are interwoven: alternating the stanzas of two songs producing a structure rather like a rondo. An interesting tonal colour is achieved through a dialogue between the female and male chorus in the first song, Maid Asleep, by entrusting the melody to a baritone solo, bassos and middle parts in the fourth The Stream Flows and the suggestive use of somber alto tones in the fifth, Mother’s Grivna. The fourth and fifth songs are mingled in the same manner, though in the fourth we come across another typical Mokranjac feature – a inter­rupted chord accompaniment in counter-tempo evoking orchestral resonance. The sixth Oho, Nena and the last How You Make a House actually constitute a whole, separated by two other songs (a serenading tenor solo Kerchief and scherzo Your Eyes). The quickening tempo of the final dance (“I Dance, and Sing”) unexpectedly ends in a Largo “No One Knows”.

III Garland   Verses