IV Garland

IV Garland Despite the title, the Fourth Garland (1890, first performed on December 27 of the same year) actually does not have the form of a “garland” since it contains only one song Mirjana. (There is, however, an interpreta­tion whereby the “la-la” choral refrain is the melody of another song, i.e. two songs merging in the form of a rondo A-B-A-B-A). Three versions are intended for a basso solo with mixed chorus (in E-major), or tenor solo with a male chorus (B flat-major), or tenor solo with a mixed chorus (B-major). The Fourth is the only “gar­land” which has an instrumental accompaniment – piano and in the refrain castanets. The yearning melody of the solo and 5/4 measure of the refrain are suggestive of the oriental folk songs of our southern region.

IV Garland   Verses