VII Garland

The Seventh Garland (1894, first performed on December 20 of the same year when the Belgrade Choral Society made a guest appearance in Budapest) is sub­titled Songs from Old Serbia and Macedonia. From the Seventh Garland onwards the tendency towards economy, inaugurated in the Second, becomes the rule. Five songs are distributed so that after two fast ones, the spirited A Source Springs Forth and Wlto Bought It for You?, also lively but in a contrasting beat, comes a brief respite, How Glad I Am, with an impressive male chorus. Then follow two fast movements: a bright scherzo Grandfather Has Sown, with a clever alternation of choral groups and the final dance, Danka, Beguile, developed almost exclusively on the organ point evoking the sound of bagpipes.
  After a broadly treated, dynamic arch the dance slows down and ends in a pianissimo. (It is inter­esting that in his manuscript at Grandfather Has Sown Mokranjac noted that the first quaver in each measure should be lengthened, which means that the 3/8 measure should actually be 7/16).

VII Garland   Verses